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    Animals Inside Out

    A lamb from the Animals Inside Out exhibition.

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    So the "Animals Inside Out" exhibition was pretty cool: http://www.animalinsideout.com/en/home.html
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    @chimo intermission. First half was great
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    Waiting for the Cirque du Soleil to start :) https://sn.chromic.org/attachment/197917
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    @jonkulp genius!
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    @aroque works for me! :)
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    @x11r5 did @windigo make you admin on the server now?
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    @deavmi You should too! It's pretty easy to setup and if you need help, the !gs community is pretty helpful
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    @deavmi That's strange :) It appears fine on my instance, @theru's and on fragdev.
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    @theru related: https://linode.com/docs/tools-reference/custom-kernels-distros/run-a-distribution-supplied-kernel-with-kvm