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    Good morning, world c[~]
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    @vinzv Took a look; it's harmless. I've disabled those logging calls on latest master. I'll fix it properly this weekend. Good lil' todo :)
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    @vinzv Let me re-enable it on my instance and have a look :)
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    Lazyweb (lazyweb)
    Search Engine? We don't need no stinkin' Search Engine! We've got the Lazyweb!
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    this reply is a bit weird, though
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    @Chimo holy crap, that worked! :D
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    @kzimmermann ahh, that's too bad. For the future: Paranoid Android is pretty good too: http://paranoidandroid.co/
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    @kzimmermann have you found one yet?
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    !coffee time y'all